November Breaks! Country House Hotels with real fires

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We all know about Guy Fawkes on the 5th November and the tradition of fireworks on that particular date.  November could be called a ‘month for the fire’ as winter time has now arrived and with that a serious drop in the temperature.  So let’s look at where you might want to take off for a few days break with the guarantee of being able to stoke a real fire.  The scent of turf and wood is synonymous with Irish tradition and it is a comforting and time honoured custom to relax beside a real fire.

Cashel House Hotel, Connemara.

Cashel House Hotel is open for weekends in November.  Cashel appear to have more real fires than most other Country Houses in Ireland.  Here you are spoilt for choice as they have real fires in their two drawing rooms with big baskets of turf and wood nearby.  Then there is the fireplace in the library (my favourite) where you can sit on the leather surround and warm your back; so hard to resist.  Lastly there is the nook on the corridor leading to the bar; this is a quaint fireplace of the type seen in smaller Irish drawing rooms many years ago. Again the nearby basket is hard to resist and you will be tempted to throw on the odd piece of turf and wood as you pass by.

Number One Pery Square, Limerick.

This is an elegant Georgian townhouse in the heart of Limerick city where they know the value of tradition.  Here the fireplaces are quite majestic.  There is a beautiful one in the upstairs drawing room; a lovely place to relax with a cup of coffee and a good book; very much in the style of a Jane Austen room.  They also have a real fire in the Park Room Bar; so where better to enjoy an aperitif than beside a crackling fire.  Number One Pery Square is open all year round.  Limerick is such a vibrant city that you just won’t want to leave.

The Mustard Seed at Echo Lodge, Ballingarry.

As soon as you enter through the great big front door at The Mustard Seed you will notice their gorgeous fire in the front hall.  Now that’s the best way to welcome visitors.  Guests are immediately drawn to the fire and it is impossible to resist the temptation of warming your hands after coming in from the cold outside.  There is also a stove in the library; yes it is a closed stove but you are still looking at real fuel being burned and it is a cosy place to snuggle up on a sofa for afternoon tea.


Visit the hotels’ individual websites to book for a few days break snuggled indoors away from all the November winds and rain.  You won’t regret it!

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