St. Patrick’s Day

Parades: There is plenty to do this St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. We have come a long way as regards parades with lots of razzmatazz and the big Parade in Dublin always attracts a large [...]

Delightful Hotels

My website has generated a lot of traffic over the years. However, I feel that now is a good time to move all my content into my new website Delightful Hotels. Whilst many [...]

January Blues

As we approach Monday 16th January 2023 (this year’s Blue Monday) I get the feeling that a lot of people out there are experiencing the blues. Christmas has come and gone. The box of [...]

Down to Earth

Exploring Ireland’s Geology This exhibition is running for 18 months at Collins Barracks Museum and celebrates the foundation of the Geological Survey of Ireland 175 years years ago in [...]

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