Saint Valentine’s Romantic Heart

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It is not often that you discover a hotel blog which leans towards the spiritual. By sheer accident the other day I came across a page on The Merrion Hotel website which suggested attending a Mass in Whitefriars Church on St. Valentine’s Day as a way to celebrate this Patron Saint of Love and Marriage.

The short history about Saint Valentine is intriguing. I now know how this Saint’s heart ended up in Dublin of all places. Whitefriars Church on Aungier Street attracts a lot of visitors on the 14th February; those lucky individuals giving thanks for having found a partner and those still seeking the love of their life.

It is therefore appropriate to recommend The Merrion Hotel Dublin for a romantic evening for this St. Valentine’s Day on the 14th February. The Merrion Hotel’s website has some very attractive offers, two of which are appropriately named Lasting Love at The Merrion‘ and ‘Romance at The Merrion’. It is also only a short(ish) stroll to Whitefriars Church.

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