Marlfield House: A May bank holiday treat

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Growing up I remember my mother telling me that you have to harden off young flowers by planting them out from their winter pots to beds in the garden.  Let me tell you that I feel very sorry for all those geraniums now.  Only two weeks ago we were fooled into thinking that summer had arrived.  I thought I would be extra smart by washing all my winter polo sweaters and putting them away and taking out my summer clothes from their winter hibernation.  I even bought two new T shirts as the weather had gone into double figures.  The electric blanket was stored away until the autumn.

Big mistake!  On my little early morning walk today I felt that familiar sharp north east wind biting into my face.  Last night I contemplated looking for a water bottle as my feet were so cold.  The summer flip flops which represent my indoor summer footwear had left my tootsies frozen. That’s my moan for the day.

I am always hopeful when it comes to the weather.  It is important to get outdoors and enjoy as many colourful blooms as you can at this time of the year.  There are still daffodils in full bloom and they should be long gown by now and replaced by bluebells.  We have had Camellias in bloom since the middle of February and we are now into the Cherry Blossom season.  There are magnificent Cherry Blossoms near the Arts Block in UCD and I recall advice for students that if you haven’t done your revision by the time these are in bloom that you are in trouble; these trees have a story or two to tell!

Being optimistic I am crossing everything in the hope that summer will return for the forthcoming May bank holiday weekend.  Just to be sure to be sure I am recommending Marlfield House Hotel near Gorey in the sunny south east.  Marlfield House Hotel is an oasis of green verdant countryside in all seasons.  It is set in 40 acres of sublime gardens with well tended herbaceous borders; a chef’s dream kitchen garden and romantic woodland walks.   The flower theme flows deliciously from the gardens into the House where bowls of flowers are plentiful.  Pots of white orchids (always in full bloom) emit hints of luxury.  There is a choice for dining with The Duck Terrace Restaurant, Cafe and Bar, located in the nearby courtyard.  Better still stay with the flowery theme and dine in Marlfield’s luxurious Conservatory fine dining restaurant, decorated with bamboo themed fresco-ed walls.

In Marlfield you can experience the best of both worlds; resplendent gardens and elegant interiors.  Now it won’t really matter what the weather is like for May (oh yes it does for our sanity!).

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