Where the ‘new world’ encompasses traditions from the ‘old world’

Memories are funny things; they hit you sometimes without any rhyme or reason.  Earlier today I was suddenly reminded of a road trip some years ago along Route 1 in the U.S. (driving a Mustang!).  We stayed in some off the beaten track places. One of them was in the Santa Ynez Valley close to a small town called Solvang.   The town buildings replicate Danish architecture; the town having been founded by a group of Danish settlers back in 1911.  There are four windmills and several authentic Danish pastry bakeries.

We stayed in The Genevieve a stylish hotel in nearby Santa Ynez. At the time we visited it was called the Santa Ynez Inn but the owners decided on a name change to reflect the more upmarket style of hospitality on offer.   This beautiful ‘olde worlde’ style clapperboard house has delightful décor and very appetizing cuisine.  The House was both cosy and creaky and had a big personality despite its small size.

The Bedrooms:  There are 20 bedrooms in The Genevieve, mostly situated on the second floor.  They are accessed by an old fashioned stairs (forget the lift).  The bedrooms are beautifully furnished in the classic style with hints of European restraint and not a sign of bling!

Reception & Dining:  The Reception is modern and a bit on the ordinary side but the Victor Restaurant is both clubby and welcoming.  Also welcoming is the Whiskey Library with a stunning array of different whiskeys/whiskys for guests to enjoy.

The Gardens:  These are reasonably extensive and offer guests a variety of places to sit and enjoy an aperitif or digestif.

The Genevieve is located in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, a wine country which comprises a superb collection of boutique wineries.  This is the antithesis of the big industrial Napa wine region.  The valley would definitely remind you of France with smaller undulating fields and I can highly recommend the local wine.  The local wine association gives a comprehensive listing of the local wineries that you can visit.

There is much to see and do in Solvang and a tour of the Mission Santa Ines museum is worth a stop as it has buckets of local history which is quite fascinating.   The pride in their Danish history is very much alive and well.  In fact several members of the Danish royal family have visited here over the past decades; a reminder of the link between the ‘old country’ and the ‘new country’. If you are thinking of a Route 1 American road trip this hidden gem would certainly rank as a highlight.  For more exact information best to click on the local map.

The Genevieve

The Genevieve

3627 Sagunto Street | Santa Ynez, CA 93460, USA.
info@thegenevieve.com | tel. (805) 688-5588


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