Renvyle House Hotel; overlooking the Wild Atlantic Way

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Just took a quick peek to see what might be tempting for an early Spring break.  After all the mayhem of Christmas and New Year it might be a good idea to re-charge the batteries.  Of course that’s after I have done the Big Spring Clean at home and have hovered up all those fur balls lurking behind the sofa.

My eyes opened wide when I looked at Renvyle House Hotel’s line up of an activity filled Spring.  Ronnie Counihan, the General Manager, is obviously on the ball here.

Their first special offering comes in the form of a Murder Mystery Weekend.  I have to admit I have never been on one of these weekends so this might be tempting.  Unfortunately for me it has a well thought out theme so one cannot just randomly suggest somebody nasty to bump off!  Information on this well organised murder mystery weekend is on Renvyle House Hotel website.

I might be better advised to stick with something more beneficial to my physical and mental health by opting for one of their Walking Weekends.  The walks and talks are under the supervision of acclaimed archaeologist Michael Gibbons.  I did note that most of the walks are about 2/3 hours duration.  One of these interesting walks is the Omey Island walk.  Omey is a tidal island with an amazing archaeological past; including an ancient bog dating back 6,000 years.  For further information visit Renvyle’s website.

Finally, I could improve my culinary skills by opting for their Food & Wine Weekend.  Tim O’Sullivan, the Executive Chef, will be working in collaboration with John & Sally McKenna, two well known food writers and there will be talks, demonstrations and even a field trip sourcing food along the seashore.  This event sounds really tempting and information is available here.

Now all I have to do is make up my mind which one to choose from.  Might be easier to just attend all three events!

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