A Summer sunshine break at Newforge House, Armagh

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It’s official.  Summer is here at last.  The weather forecasts are a delight to our ears.  Summer sunshine, temperatures above normal and light variable breezes.  That’s right NO winds or gales just light breezes. Sometimes there might be the odd coastal mist with this beautiful weather. If you feel you deserve to wallow in some real heat then head for the heartland of Co. Armagh.  Here you can commune with nature in the glorious gardens of what is known as the ‘dinkiest’ Country House in Ireland – Newforge House.

The gardens at Newforge are in full bloom and there can be nothing better than sitting out in a proper striped deck chair listening to the bees as they hurriedly rush from flower to flower pollinating so that precious plants will reproduce for next year.  One must also acknowledge the role of the butterfly who will also be hard at work and their gentle fluttering an important reminder of how necessary they are for a healthy environment and ecosystem.  The birds have settled down from their Spring raucous chorus to a more melodic music, just perfect to drift off to when having that outdoor nap.

The kitchen garden at Newforge House has literally taken off with spurts of  summer growth.  It will be time for picking the raspberries soon with the damsons and blackberries later on in the high summer period.

There are always enticing offers on their website and Lou and John Mathers are the type of hosts who charm their guests with their enthusiasm for all things local and you would be surprised at how many interesting places there are to visit; but don’t forget the birds and the bees and the lure of a good deck chair.   Newforge House@NewforgeHouse is where you will see some tweeting.



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