Covid Restrictions: Anything happening?

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It has been an age since I wrote a post/blog. This is mainly because I haven’t been out and about that much owing to covid restrictions. Like many others just when I was ready to leave home for a night away, the rug was pulled from under my feet by the dulcet tones of our ‘Taoiseach’ explaining why we had to curtail our activities yet again…

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Longueville House

Chinese New Year:

Now that we are in February 2022 I do feel it in my bones that we are getting closer to a more normal life. So what’s happening out there? The Chinese New Year for starters. Happy Lunar New Year to one and all. The other New Year on 1st January was a damp squib so hopefully this may make up for it. It is after all the Year of the Tiger, which represents courage, bravery and confidence and boy do we need all of those attributes. If you are shopping be on the lookout for red, cerulean blue and imperial yellow as these are the optimal colours for the Year of the Tiger.

If you are looking for somewhere to go to celebrate I am recommending Longueville House as they have a beautiful private dining room dressed with Chinese wallpaper (red of course). However, you don’t really need any excuse to visit Longueville. Located in the rebel county of Cork it is a Country House renowned for its fabulous food. You can dine in the ‘The Presidents Room’ or ‘The Library’. The O’Callaghan family are always on hand to welcome guests so a very good choice for anybody who is still a little nervous about going places.

St. Valentine’s Day:

What else is happening? The romantics are now on high alert for St. Valentine’s Day on the 14th. This year it falls on a Monday so not very likely to have much impact. I doubt that much will be going on that evening but at least restaurateurs can breathe easy if they get a few reservations for tables of two. Also many restaurants don’t open on a Monday but perhaps they might make an exception for the day that’s in it.

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The Merrion Hotel

If you are in the romantic mood I can highly recommend The Merrion Hotel in Dublin. You will be spoilt for choice as The Garden Room is quite sublime and The Cellar Bar has intimate little nooks and crannies. Either way chocolate sales, flowers and cards though will do well. Whilst not a huge fan I do like to receive a card from the other half and also the hand drawn ones from my grandchildren.

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