Dinner Dances – never out of fashion

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Children always love to dress up whether it be for Halloween or playing games with friends.  That urge to dress up doesn’t go away when we become adults.  That is probably why dinner dances have never gone out of fashion.  There is something so elegant about a man in a tuxedo (probably due to the James Bond movies) and ladies do like to twirl around a dance floor in a shimmering gown.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Irish Mining and Quarrying Society’s annual Dinner Dance; this year it was held in the K Club so a posh venue for a super occasion.  This annual Dinner Dance has been on the go for decades and a sign of its continued popularity was that there were well over 200 at this year’s affair. The event took place in the Legacy Suite; a magnificent ballroom located in the K Club’s Conference and Banqueting Centre adjacent to the Smurfit Golf Clubhouse. There was terrific space for dining and a smart dance floor. This particular group love to party and as soon as the music started there were loads of good dancers out on the dance floor.  Vegas Nights, the band, played and sang the night away.   It must have been wonderful for the musicians to see so many people enjoying themselves dancing and the atmosphere was positively sizzling.  Dancing also helps with the day after condition and I am happy to say that the only sore part of my body the following day were my feet!

So a little suggestion for all those organisations and associations who are thinking of an event where their members can have a get together – don’t forget about the very traditional Dinner Dance;  still in fashion and proving even more popular.  Hotels love hosting dinner dances as it really does bring an special atmosphere with it and of course if it is a success then there is a good chance that some will come back again on a private visit.



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